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Social Capabilities

Social media is constantly evolving, and we understand the need to keep pace with these changes. As the landscape shifts, we remain committed to providing our clients with cutting-edge social services that meet their ever-changing needs.


360 Social Campaign

Social Strategy

Social Content

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Online & Mobile Games

Social Team

At the Social & Integrated Design team, we are more than just a group of designers and creatives. We are a team of diverse individuals who are passionate about storytelling, digital marketing and social media. We are friends, collaborators and problem-solvers who love to push boundaries and bring unique ideas to life. We pride ourselves on creating visually stunning and impactful designs that seamlessly integrate with social media campaigns and other marketing initiatives. We strive to not only meet but exceed our clients’ expectations, and always aim to deliver the best results possible. This is who we are and what we do.

Mike Sausa ECD,
Executive Creative Director
Integrated Design
Oyd Craddock
Creative Director,
Hazar Bayindir
Associate Creative Director,
Integrated & Social
Tiffany Tse
Senior Producer,
Integrated Design

Digital & Social Case Studies

Our Digital and Social team develops and pitches thumb-stopping social campaigns, engaging digital extension programs, and IG worthy influencer activations to build buzz and excitement for new releases with a limited attention-span mobile-first audience.

Tom Clancy’s
Rainbow 6: Siege


Fans were tapering off and the brand team needed to showcase premium content and sell the value of the post-launch seasonal content. The goal was to keep players engaged, but more specifically, to drive purchases of the weekly drops throughout each season.


First, we developed new branding around seasonal content. “NEW ON THE 6” was born, and we then created video templates, graphic wrappers, and new logo animation. Establishing a structure for our video content enabled us to pivot quickly each week and plugin new creative quickly and cost- effectively.

Tom Clancy’s
Rainbow 6: Siege

Social Pieces

Tom Clancy’s
Rainbow 6: Siege


After partnering with Ubisoft for the 2018 season (Ubisoft took in $440m in Rainbow 6: Siege revenue in 2018 becoming a top 10 revenue earner across all console games), we continued our successful partnership throughout the remainder of the 2019 season

The King Of Fighters All-Star


Build awareness of the King of Fighters IP in Western countries, while keeping in mind King of Fighters faces stiff competition from category leaders like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat, which must be overcome to gain a share of mind. Additionally, while the King of Fighters franchise is traditionally a one-on-one fighting game, KING OF FIGHTERS ALL-STAR is a more robust game with several modes, including an action-RPG style “street brawler” mode and a Co-op play mode.


First, we created new assets that focused on the action-packed energy of the game while tapping into current social trends. We also leveraged Facebook’s preferred algorithm by creating a 360 video to utilize their platform’s unique capabilities which led to increased organic reach and engagement. To refresh the campaign midway through, and continue to ramp up fan engagement, we focused on the Tekken 7 cross-over.

The King Of Fighters All-Star

UA Content + Toolkit Integration

UA Content

Thumb-stopping user acquisition pieces generate brand awareness, leading to more potential customers and users.

Far Cry 6


Treating the assets with robust graphics and intricate editorial gave an elevated cinematic feel to the game, with the star talent at the front and center. Announce cut-downs were conversation starters across social as fans dove deeper into the story lines and conflicts among characters.

Marvel Future Revolution


Promote the Western release and drive downloads of this new and exciting open-world mobile title from Marvel.


Focused on the core team of characters and their skills as they traverse the multiverse and face-off against their greatest foes across various game modes.

Hyper Scape


Introduce daily drops of weapons and skins in a way that wouldn’t exhaust social channels, and would look cohesive in the social feed.


Created a stylized and branded template to introduce the new drops across various social channels so fans would immediately recognize what was available each day.

Mortal Kombat 11


Highlight core characters and initiatives for various Mortal Kombat packs released over a 6-month period to sustain fan engagement.


Focused on beloved characters and tight gameplay shots that would be easily viewed on mobile, while conveying the excitement of the new packs. Highlighting fan-favorite characters helped keep social engagement high, even between new drops.

Social Videos

Showcasing prominent characters and talent within the first 3 seconds of social video has been proven to capture the fan’s attention, resulting in higher reach and engagement.

Ruined King


Create excitement for the characters in Ruined King, leveraging assets that were already existing.


We leveraged the newly released A/V spot and created character-specific social videos which gave the content a fresh spin while increasing fan excitement and social conversation around the brand.

Star Wars


Highlight the 5 takeaways from the EA PlayLive event in an engaging fashion that pushed mobile first. Another challenge was to be premium and truly capture the pilot experience in the 9×16 format.


Our strategy for the highlights was to produce a series of Instagram Story videos that could be used as engaging stand-alone assets to lead to the experience, as well as used together to tell a broader story.

Digital Ads

A well rounded Digital Ad campaign consists of not only animated & static HTML Banners and Rich Media Skins, but also social content, such as carousels that are optimized for paid media’s creative guidelines.

Elden Ring

Paid Media / Social

Treating the assets with robust graphics and intricate editorial gave an elevated cinematic feel to the game, with the star talent at the front and center. Announce cut downs were conversation starters across social as fans dove deeper into the story lines.


Scarlet Nexus, Marvel Avengers, Resident Evil 3

Creation of various banners in HTML5 and statics for promoting Scarlet Nexus, Pre-Order and Available Now.

Social & Digital
Film & Series

Some examples of social & digital work in film and series.

Top Gun: Maverick

Social Campaign

Tom Ham
Director of Business Development, Games

Office: 310-280-2999
Mobile: 310-562-6444